Angela and Angelica were my beauty team for my wedding and they did not disappoint!! They both arrived early to set up, and did two bridesmaids plus my bridal hair and makeup. Both my bridesmaids hair have a hard time holding a curl and Angela knowing that, came to slay. They held their curls alllll night long!! We all had no expectations for makeup, and gave Angelica the reins to play. She did a stunning job! It’s like she knew our personalities just from sitting in her chair. Unfortunately we hit a bit of a time crunch and the girls didn’t finish my hair and makeup until 2:25pm and I was supposed to walk down the aisle at 2:30pm. But I quickly stepped into my dress and made it down the aisle 5 minutes late. I’m sorry ladies I didn’t get to thank you for doing such a wonderful job! Would definitely request you both for future events, just with an earlier start time ♥️

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